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Synonyms for mandarin

shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed

a member of an elite intellectual or cultural group

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any high government official or bureaucrat

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a high public official of imperial China

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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Beijing and adopted as the official language for all of China

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It is this interpretation that has been called into question by the Gomery report, not least by invoking the notion that accountability is not "owned" by the PCO but in fact involves a contribution from a number of actors apart from the ministers and the senior mandarinate.
life into a sort of legal mandarinate, the justices spend considerable
By way of contrast, Needham's reflections on what he styled China's "cybernetic homeostasis" remain instructive: "A predominantly mercantile order of society could never arise in Chinese civilization because the basic conception of the mandarinate was opposed not only to the principles of hereditary aristocratic feudalism but also to the value-systems of the wealthy merchants" (1969: 197).
In sum, Said identifies very strongly with the marooned mandarinate of the Jewish intelligentsia.
Typifying the thinking of policymakers and other members of the national security mandarinate, such assessments also seem more representative than not of general public sentiment.
At some point during the Reagan years, this mandarinate lost interest in politics as a contest of beliefs and policies with some beating on the experience of people unlike themselves.
Underlying these parallels has been the structural similarity between the authoritarian and hierarchical dictatorship exercised by the CCP and the equally authoritarian and hierarchical Confucian mandarinate.
Although the mandarinate was recruited from the most able of the nation, the civil service examination system inhibited a spirit of creativity by directing intellectual activity into the narrow study of the Confucian classics [Yang, 1950; Fairbank et al.
The cult of the guardian deity was expressly supported by the mandarinate and figured prominently in the construction of a public morality in accordance with Confucian ideals.
However, the letter is followed by a list of demands for changes in the social and political life of Indochina, including complete cultural freedom, expansion of the educational system, and upgrading it to put it on par with that of the metropole, complete civic equality, access to all administrative posts for indochinese, and reorganization of the governmental system in the direction of ending the mandarinate.
There was no attempt to Manchufy the population or even the mandarinate, because the prestige of the rulers rested, as elsewhere, on 'difference' not similarity.
Nearly nine hundred years had elapsed since Ngo Quyen had driven out the Chinese to establish an independent Vietnam modeled, nevertheless, on the Chinese court and its mandarinate.
The great betrayal reached its climax with the Vietnam War where our "best and brightest" American mandarinate sent the sons and daughters of the veterans on an impossible mission led by the "MBAs of war" whose corporatized army could not provide real military leadership and was unable to fight effectively.
Perhaps it requires someone who can still believe that capitalism is a cultural construct to fully articulate the romantic anticapitalism of the German academic mandarinate circa 1910.