Mandarin Chinese

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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Beijing and adopted as the official language for all of China

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These hubs are centres for the teaching of Mandarin Chinese among partner schools in their respective local areas, with children in both the primary and post-primary phase benefitting.
Richardson is very excited to now offer SkillGauge: Developmental Coaching in both Japanese and Mandarin Chinese languages," said Linda Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson.
The university also offers classes in introductory and intermediate Japanese and conversational Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.
Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Haitian-Creole language options are available and the scaffolded instruction includes several levels of prompting for extra help, enabling students to work independently on targeted instruction based on their level of need.
But Ho, who speaks Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese at home, said his English-language skills have much improved.
The site can be viewed in English and Mandarin Chinese.
Charlie and Joanie are conversant in dactylology (sign language) and they once took a class in Mandarin Chinese.
Today, while ``Forward'' remains emblazoned in Hebrew at the top of the building, the current owners have added a huge billboard - in Mandarin Chinese.
The program will initially focus on English, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.
Translation services will be provided for callers, with people standing by to translate Armenian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.
It might seem odd that the owners of two Mandarin Chinese restaurants would open a Japanese place.
More language choices with support for six languages natively, now including Mandarin Chinese.
Speaking alternately in Mandarin Chinese, English and his native Taiwanese dialect, Lee made only one reference to the campaign of military pressure mounted by mainland China over the last 10 months to weaken his hold on power.
EWAN will be the first to launch true IPTV service on a global basis in the following languages: Urdu, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Tagalog, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Hebrew, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Persian, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Hindi, Greek, French, Finnish, English, Egyptian, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Cantonese, Bulgarian, Bengali, Armenian and Arabic.
Comments: Full tablecloth service plus takeout, specializing in Mandarin Chinese fare.