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any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe

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The students read an article and answered questions about mandalas and symbols.
Each Mandala is hand-crafted and thoroughly tested before it is shipped.
We've been working around the clock to get the Mandala 2.
The Mandala helps people find their rhythm - whether it's the beat of a drum, or of a sound they haven't yet created," said Vince De Franco, Synesthesia founder and CEO, and inventor of the Mandala.
There are also great videos about mandalas that can be found online.
The use of sand for mandalas grew out of the practice, in ancient times, of using powdered gemstone such as lapis and rubies to make them, the monks explained in a handout.
He has created sand mandalas in many museums and educational institutions throughout the United States.
The Infinite Qualities series of floral mandalas (featured here) act as maps for embodying qualities essential for well-being, including hope, vitality, compassion, and unconditional love, among others.
In recent years mandalas have attracted increasing interest among a broader public, the main focus of attention being Tibetan mandalas, examples of which have been reproduced in numerous publications.
Nevada (US), July 11 (ANI): The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly learned about mandalas at Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles (USA) on July 10.
Of myriad meanings mandalas hold, the surface sense here is the circle of friends and colleagues around Hindu scholar Doniger (U.
Written, directed, and produced by Sam Borowski, and co-written by Gregory Nissan, THE MANDALA MAKER tells the story of Naomi, a woman who attempts to overcome tragedy by painting Tibetan Mandalas, circular designs psychologists, including the legendary Carl Jung, will tell you have "healing" powers.
Mandalas are not just for Buddhist monks, though, and they do not have to be made of sand, Anyone can make a mandala, which means you can, too, You need a piece of paper, a paper plate (or something round), something to draw and color with (crayons, markers, pastels, colored pencils, or even sand if you would like), and a quiet spot, Then, start by drawing a big outer circle, using the paper plate as a guide, After that, draw whatever designs pop into your head, Be imaginative and use lots of odor and have fun.
Both the actual and virtual Mandalas are free events open to all peoples says Ven Geshe Thupten Khedroup "We are very happy if people can take some time out of their busy schedules to visit and share in this Mandala as well as expressing their solidarity in a peaceful environment.