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a member of the Manchu speaking people of Mongolian race of Manchuria

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the last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries

the Tungusic language spoken by the Manchu

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In his journey of adventure, he attempts to assassinate the ruler of the Manchu invaders and later the Emperor Chongzhen, sabotages a battery of cannons supplied to the Ming army by foreigners, and finances the rebellion with a treasure he discovers in Nanjing.
captured all the Manchu soldiers except for three who had been killed, and liberated the people on the island" [emphasis mine] (42) Similarly detailed listings of combat gains can be found in the narrative of Mao's activities on the other islands in Danzhong lu.
Raveena is paired oppposite Manchu Mohan Babu in the film, which also features Manchu Vishnu, Manchu Manoj, Hansika Motwani, Praneetha, Varun Sandesh and Tanish.
Forty-three passengers were aboard the bus when it left the town of Manchu headed toward the regional capital of Trujillo.
Hyderabad: Prominent Telugu film producer-actor Mohan Babu and his son Manchu Vishnu seems to have bitten more than they can chew over the issue of allegedly hurting the sentiments of the Brahmins in their latest film "Denikaina Ready" (Ready for anything).
Zookeepers in Dresden hoped they would climb the 45-ft up to coax Manchu, four, from his lofty bolthole.
Two newly republished Fu Manchu mysteries from the Golden Age of pulp magazines are fine picks for any who knows the thriller writing of Sax Rohmer.
The first two chapters, Conquest and Governance, trace the rise of the Manchu state from tribal minorities to a confederacy and then, to an empire through conquest and consolidation.
The afforestation project is to be carried out over three years, starting in 2011, by TMCI in collaboration with the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau and the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Forestry Bureau.
AIRMALL USA, the leading airport concessions developer in North America and operator of the AIRMALL at CLE, is pleased to announce the opening of Manchu WOK (680 sq.
The Manchu bride is one of more than 140 photographs taken by Victorian photographer John Thomson that form the China Through The Lens exhibition touring to the Merseyside Maritime Museum from next week.
Manchu Wok dropped by 8 percent to revenue of $59,003; and
The Manchu clan favours the change of rulers, but the Chinese are opposed to it, and many predict that a tremendous upheaval will result.
Every time the torture device is applied, as Fu Manchu does to Nayland Smith, whether it is to elicit information or obedience or submission, Humphries links it to Freud's anal phase.
The not-so-grand tradition of Caucasians playing Asians gets a particularly thorough examination; Englishman Christopher Lee manages to be both sensitive and Eurocentric while complaining about his Fu Manchu eye makeup.