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the capital and largest city of Nicaragua

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The funding will pay for major improvement works for the road connecting Nicaraguas capital Managua with the countrys second city, Leon.
Aeromexico said it has begun its new service with six weekly flights between Managua and Mexico City.
Hardest hit was the town of Nagarote, some 50 km northwest of Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, where damage was also reported.
Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck some 6 km (4 miles) northwest of Managua at a depth of 14 km.
Several other critics, for example, have discussed the novel in this light, alternately describing it as a representation of a "violencia sin rumbo y sin proposito" (Mackenbach); an "historia de decadencia humana en la lucha por la supervivencia diaria" (Browitt); a representation of "la Managua de la violencia y el desamparo" (Barrientos Tecun); a novel that reveals "una Managua alejada de las utopias revolucionarias, en extremo pobre y violenta" (Ortiz Wallner).
Some people would say that an added benefit of a former Managua mayor's pet policy of replacing intersections with roundabouts was the elimination of street vendors there.
Del estudio de la columna estratigrafica generalizada de Managua elaborada por Rodriguez et al.
Summary: Sustained Demand for Native Bi-Lingual Talent Sparks Opening of a Third Facility in Managua
Recent openings include Subway outlets at airports in Managua, Montreal and Prague, bringing the chain's total to 90 airport locations around the world.
Alexis Arguello, e 57 anos y excampeon mundial en las divisiones de peso pluma, superpluma y ligero, murio el pasado miercoles 1 de julio en su casa de Managua en circunstancias que afin son investigadas por la policia.
Managua s health minister Guillermo Gonzalez said cases of the illness are "appearing because we are actively looking for them," explaining the surge of the disease, which was first detected here just seven days ago.
Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua, may have set the tree-planting standard--last June it planted more than 4,500 trees involving 15 native species.
The two then gave a closed-fist salute standing before a cheering throng in Managua.
Managua -- Nicaragua's presidential election of November 7, 2006, showed a clear majority for former Marxist Daniel Ortega.
28,711 vouchers for free sexual and reproductive health care in 20 local clinics were distributed to adolescent girls in disadvantaged areas of Managua, Nicaragua.