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extinct genus: mammoths

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Pero a diferencia de los Elephantidae, los Gomphoteriidae al parecer no fueron buenos nadadores y la distribucion de los Elephantidae (incluido el genero Mammuthus y Stegodon) se cree fue producto de la conjugacion de la caida del nivel del mar, lo que aumento la extension de las planicies costeras y disminuyo la amplitud de los pasos marinos, y su habilidad para el nado en el mar (Johnson, 1980), algo que no parece haber ocurrido con Cuvieronius hyodon (Fischer, 1814) ni con ningun otro Gomphotheriidae.
2012): Late Villafranchian Mammuthus meridionalis (Nesti, 1825) from the Iberian Peninsula: Dentognathic remains from Incarcal-I (Crespia, Girona) and Venta Micena (Orce, Granada).
Mammuthus creticusis the first evidence for extreme island dwarfism in mammoths.
Both Mammut and Mammuthus have axially compressed cervical vertebrae typical of proboscideans, rather than the box-like morphology of our specimen, and can thus be excluded.
Mammuthus tibia from Canadian Arctic coast, and a review of Pleistocene fossils on Canada's northern salt shores.
Microwear analysis of Mammuthus meridionalis (Nesti 1825) molar from Campo del Conte (Frosinone, Italy).
The woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius, was an impressive beast, standing 12ft tall, covered in thick, shaggy hair, and sporting an enormous pair of curled tusks.
It's the ancient and noble Mammuthus primigenius, better known as the wooly mammoth.
Some of the more intriguing paleontological remains known from the islands include the late Pleistocene pygmy mammoth, Mammuthus exilis (Stock and Furlong 1928; Roth 1996; Agenbroad 1998a, b, 2002).
Pilot studies to extract opal phytoliths from calculus on the molars of mammoth Mammuthus columbi and mastodon Mammut americanum from Kansas suggest that phytoliths may reveal major dietary constituents.
Pleistocene Epoch mammoths, Mammuthus, coexisted with Elephas and Loxodonta groups, to which today's Asian and African elephants belong respectively.
The small remaining portion of the long bone could be that of either Mammuthus imperator, Mammuthus columbi or Mammut americanum, but given the stratigraphic location, the remains are unlikely to be those of Mammuthus imperator.
atrox), small rodents (Neotoma, Sigmodon), a capybara (Neochoerus aesopi), a lagomorph (Lepus), proboscideans (Cuvieronius hyodon, Mammuthus imperator), horses (Equus conversidens, E.
En relacion a los proboscideos de America Central, sobresale el registro mas austral del genero Mammut en el Pleistoceno de Honduras (Lucas & Alvarado, 1991); el genero Mammuthus con la especie Mammuthus columbi que corresponde al Pacifico Central de Costa Rica (Alvarado, 1986; Lucas et al.
Tusk hunters in Siberia found the mammoth and handed it to the Mammuthus organisation.