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one of two small round structures on the undersurface of the brain that form the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix

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Relative to findings in WKS, research demonstrates mild volume deficits in the mammillary bodies (Shear et al.
The second phase involved the same training as phase one, but with stimuli related to the mammillary bodies, hippocampus and cingulate cortex (remaining comparison stimuli were blank).
01), between the medial lateral area and the medial area of the mammillary bodies (r = .
Hypothalamus The ventral and medial portion of the diencephalons, which forming the walls of the third ventricle and lying between the optic chiasm (anterior limit) and mammillary bodies (posterior limit).
Obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which you stop breathing periodically throughout the night, may affect your memory by depriving one brain structure, the mammillary bodies which assist in forming memories of a steady flow of oxygen.
After reviewing brain scans, researchers found that sleep apnea patients' mammillary bodies were 20 percent smaller than those of people without the disorder.
They recommend further research to test whether supplements of vitamin Bl--which improves oxygen utilization by moving glucose into cells--can help restore injured neurons in the mammillary bodies.
Through a complicated, manual-imaging process, researchers discovered that the mammillary bodies of those with sleep apnea were 20 percent smaller than those of people free of the disorder.