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meat that is dark in color before cooking (as beef, venison, lamb, mutton)

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The following three composite variables were created: a) wild fish comprised clam, mussel, oyster, scallop, seaweed, urchin, arctic char, cod, whitefish, trout, salmon, dried fish, and other fish such as pike, cisco, and walleye; b) marine mammal fat comprised beluga and seal fat; and c) marine mammal meat comprised beluga meat, dried beluga, beluga muktuk (skin), beluga liver, other parts of beluga, seal meat, walrus meat, igunak (aged meat), seal kidney, seal liver, other parts of seal, and walrus parts.
More than 90% of men and women declared consuming marine mammal meat and wild fish, whereas about 70% reported eating marine mammal fat.
In this cross-sectional study, we examined the relationship between blood mercury levels and plasma PON1 activity in a representative sample of the Inuit population of Nunavik, which has been shown to be highly exposed to MeHg mainly through their consumption of marine mammal meat, kidney, and liver (Fontaine et al.
As in the Faroe Islands study, maternal hair Hg concentrations were correlated with consumption of fish and sea mammal meat (30).