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Synonyms for mammee

tropical American tree having wood like mahogany and sweet edible egg-shaped fruit

tropical American tree having edible fruit with a leathery rind

globular or ovoid tropical fruit with thick russet leathery rind and juicy yellow or reddish flesh

brown oval fruit flesh makes excellent sherbet

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MAMEE TGU's new factory is a great addition to the list of KAEC's national and international investors looking to establish a foothold in the Industrial Valley.
As part of the partnership, Headland has invested for a minority stake in Mamee.
Featuring Hollywood actors James Brolin, Kip Pardue and Spencer Garrett alongside Thai stars such as Napakprapa Mamee Nakprasit and the iconic singer/actress Tata Young, "Bitter/Sweet" is a romantic comedy that follows the fortunes of Brian Chandler (Pardue), a young coffee expert sent to Thailand by his boss (Brolin) to investigate reports of a unique Robusta coffee.
Mamee certainly represents Antonio in the passage, but it is possible that she represents Ione as well.
LET'S PARTY: Nick with model Alicia Duvall Picture by Gabor Scott; PARTY GUY: Nick with Mamee Nakprasite, star of Butterfly Man Pictures: Gabor Scott; ON THE RAZZLE: Nick with (from left to right) Bryan Adams, Tiffany Amber -Thiessen and Alicia Keys
PRODUCT LAUNCHES & INTRODUCTIONS II-39Mamee-Double Decker Introduces MAMEE Chef Instant Noodles II-39Maggi to Introduce Oats Noodles II-39Indo Nissin to Introduce Novel Variety of Noodles in India II-39Kabuto Introduces Gluten Free Noodles Variety II-39Maggi Introduces New Maggi Big Kari II-39Delmege Launches Instant Noodles in Two New Flavors for Sri Lanka II-39ITC Unveils Third Variant of Sunfeast Yippee Instant Noodles II-39