Cyathea medullaris

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a showy tree fern of New Zealand and Australia having a crown of pinnated fronds with whitish undersides

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Volume, taper, and bark thichness in seedlings and cuttings from Mamaku forest, New Zealand.
We were looking to cut costs and thought we'd give TUMG a try," says Harry Frost of Mamaku Blueberries.
Some examples include placing ice cubes infused with mamaku on engorged breasts, using moka to tie the umbilical cord and romiromi (massage).
1855) led by the Ngati Haua-te-rangi (Whanganui region) chieftain, Topine Te Mamaku (?
Created by Elizabeth Barbalich, a mother of three with a background in science and naturopathy, the range features such exotic ingredients as mamaku black fern extract and the anti-ager Vinanza Gold, a unique antioxidant from the award-winning sauvignon blanc grapeseeds.
Already slated for 2005 is the introduction in February of Total Cohesion--a skin care line containing Mamaku extract to protect and reinforce the skin's cellular structure, helping to prevent further signs of aging.