Malthusian theory

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Malthus' theory that population increase would outpace increases in the means of subsistence

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10) Malthusian theory regarded the children of the poor, especially illegitimate children, whose mothers could not afford to support them, as a surplus population: a drain on public resources, and leading to, in Malthus' euphemistic phrase, a "positive check" on population.
The chapter by Robert Bedeski demonstrates the dilemma of neo-Malthusians; they fail to adduce consistent empirical evidence to affirm the Malthusian theory and also to acknowledge that human population is a resource.
Bailey's own essay, "The Progress Explosion: Permanently Escaping the Malthusian Trap," is one of the best ripostes to Malthusian theory around.
8) But have such developments refuted basic Malthusian theory, or have they simply delayed the dreaded day of reckoning when Malthusian theory will be vindicated with full force and virulence?
The Malthusian theory of population must certainly have had its supporters and critics in the Kingstonian circle.
This may emerge as a new way of stating the Malthusian theory of population limit.
Ezekiel Emanuel seems to be affected by the Malthusian theory which said that economy increases in arithmetical ratio while population does in geometrical one.
When I came to NASA as its ninth Administrator in 1992, I never imagined myself leading a crusade for the Space Station, nor arguing Malthusian theory.