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a believer in Malthusian theory

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The Malthusian regime was followed by the Post-Malthusian regime, in which rising income led to rising population growth rates.
200 to 1450, the civilizations of settled Eurasia kept hitting Malthusian limits.
This Research Brief is based on WIDER Working Paper 2014/124 'Shipping around the Malthusian trap' by Michael Grimm, Claude Wetta, and Aude Nikiema.
Mayhew hypothesizes that Malthus's eclipse has stemmed from the optimism that the Malthusian crisis had been averted.
Theories of Population," "The Geometric Ratio," "subsistence," "Supply" and "Demand"--all are keywords of Malthusian political economy, "geometric ratio" perhaps the most marked as a Malthusian phrase, designating the rate of increase of animal populations (destined to outstrip any increase in the vegetal kingdom, which according to Malthus would increase only along an "arithmetic ratio").
Still, many Americans have not yet gotten over their fear of a Malthusian dystopia--Rev.
The authors position themselves oftentimes as defenders of economic growth against Malthusian misconceptions.
1) Malthusian scarcity is based on the physical limits associated with natural resources, while Ricardian scarcity is based on the idea that natural resources decrease in quality.
It can be observed that there is only a comparatively small error between Malthusian Population Model's predicted outcome of population and the actual population.
Unified Growth Theory by economist Oded Galor advances a theory of economic growth that accounts for the Malthusian epoch (100,000 BCE-1750), Post-Malthusian regime (1750-1870), and the Modern Growth regime (1870-present).
We must engineer our escape from the Malthusian doom scenario by finding new energy solutions," said Dr.
The prospect of two billion more people on the planet by 2050 suggests that the latest commodity price boom is a prelude to what economists call a Malthusian catastrophe: a return to subsistence living.
This fear rests on the false Malthusian idea that population grows faster than our ability to provide for ourselves.
Third, Murray came to insist that the Kimuran-style Malthusian Parameter is the only correct measure of evolutionary fitness and other fitness measures, like net reproductive rate ([R.
A whole chapter is also devoted to what Kenny describes as the end of the Malthusian trap.