Maltese terrier

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breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coat

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Dog groomer Leanne Couch openly admits to spending tens of thousands of pounds spoiling her Maltese terrier Lucy
There was a pet ram called Jack, a Maltese terrier called Mintoff, a worldly-wise older brother called Richard and lovely parents, Don and Jane Jones, typically, more fun than one's own.
Seated next to her at the dinner was Sugar, her immaculately groomed and well behaved Maltese terrier.
A CUTE, innocent-looking Maltese terrier named Fluffy has been labelled a demon dog after a string of unexplained deaths.
Loki is a nine-monthold Maltese Terrier who lives with Rochelle Manson in Busby, East Renfrewshire.
Mrs Couch, who owns two branches of Mucky Paws in Cardiff and Chepstow, and Wales' first Doggy Deli and Barkery in Cardiff, recently appeared on Britain's Flashiest Families on Channel 5 due to her obsession with spoiling her Maltese terrier Lucy, 14.
Despite being casually attired and make-up free, the 31-year-old still inspired her businessman beau to play music while the pair walked Ambrosio's beloved Maltese terrier, Buddha.
Biff the Maltese terrier and Tommy the cat were nominated after they endured hours of medical treatment and pulled through, to the relief of their owners.
Trouble, a white Maltese terrier, who inherited $12 million from late US hotel billionaire Leona Helmsley, will have to get by on a little less, after a judge gave $10 million of the bequest to charity and two Helmsley grandchildren.
Liz Taylor has now returned to her $7 million Bel-Air mansion from Cedars-Sinai Hospital with her Maltese terrier, Sugar.
The actress arrived Friday without her Maltese terrier because of Britain's strict law requiring a six-month quarantine for visiting U.
Guy, 59, adopted Milo last year and is now proud owner of Kitty, a Maltese terrier cross.
Unbeknown to the family, the white Maltese terrier was one of 10 that had been illegally imported.
Thanks to a prolonged campaign by my nine-year-old daughter, and following months of research and anticipation, this week we welcomed Beano into our family, a 13-week-old Maltese terrier pup.
But while the boys are in five-star accommodation with her Maltese terrier Prince, Jodie's gang are in budget digs.