Maltese lira

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the basic unit of money on Malta


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Persons exchanging Maltese Lira banknotes in excess of Lm200 are to present their IBAN number (obtained from their bank).
Malta joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism II (ERM-II) in 2005 to put itself on the path to enter the Eurozone in January 2008; under the ERM-II, the Maltese Lira has maintained a hard peg to the Euro.
In January 2008 Malta's currency will be the Euro, replacing the Maltese Lira.
According to our sources, the exchange rate for one euro will be Maltese lira 0.
Languages: Maltese, English Religion: Roman Catholic (98%) Currency: Maltese Lira (Lm) pounds 1 = 0.
With others, like Italian and Maltese lira, you can lay them flat, same side up in the same direction, and take another bill of similar denomination and butt it up against the first one, and the patterns and colors will match, no matter which sides you place together.
Unit of currency is the Maltese Lira, worth pounds 2.