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Synonyms for Maltese

a native or inhabitant of Malta

the national language of the Republic of Malta

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a term applied indiscriminately in the United States to any short-haired bluish-grey cat

breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coat

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RIYADH: Malta and Saudi Arabia will work to boost business-to-business interactions and seek opportunities for mutual investment for further growth and economic development, Maltese Ambassador Martin Valentino said on Thursday.
Chris Cardona who heads the Maltese side at Saudi-Maltese Joint Committee, currently visiting the Kingdom.
Q I HAVE a Maltese dog and he gets a build up of dirt/gunk in a line going down from the corner of his eye to his nose.
TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisia and Malta signed, on Monday in Tunis, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) after a working session between Foreign Minister Taieb Baccouche and his Maltese counterpart George Vella.
The Aberystwyth born and bred sports fanatic was a regular visitor to the country and became ingrained in Maltese society, contributing in particular to the Maltese Rugby Football Union (MRFU).
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Foreign Minister MevlE-t EcavuE-oy-lu has become the first Turkish foreign minister to visit Malta, upon the invitation of his Maltese counterpart, George Vella.
The Maltese Hermes Aviation (HME) has announced that it has stopped its operations after managing the last service on 12th of this month.
Likewise, Maltese companies working with Dubai-based organisations "can offer their products and services in the UAE and the wider Gulf area thus the two sides can build a stronger presence in these markets".
Maltese aircraft from the Maltese merchant ships that spotted saved them to
ELEVEN students from Birmingham's specialist digital, creative and performing arts academy have completed their first professional commission on behalf of the Maltese Tourism Authority.
Muniti's primary aim is that of boosting Maltese tourism on an international level, whereby people from all over the world are free to mine Muniti and use it to purchase products from Malta, without the potential restrictions of the Euro.
Shaikh Khalifa wished her good luck and success, as well as progress and welfare to the Maltese people.
Pour la petite histoire, precisera le conferencier, [beaucoup moins que]Corto Maltese est apparu en 1967, derivant sur un radeau.
To begin his petition, Fenech explained that he intended to settle in Cyprus "in order to carry on farming with the aid of Maltese labourers or colonists" and promised to dig wells, construct water wheels, lay out water-channels, and cultivate the land.
One Maltese man used his mobile phone to take a picture of a child he believed to be Madeleine at a parish feast in the town of Zejtun, but police say it was not the abducted Midland girl.