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The floral morphology and pollination biology of three species of Bahamian Malpighiaceae.
Malpighiaceae Byrsonima crassa Niedenzu Brazil Leaves MeOH ext.
Most Heterothripidae were collected on Malpighiaceae plants at BRVT.
The South American Malpighiaceae, which commonly have oil flowers, are slightly monosymmetric in contrast to the polysymmetric non-oil flower Malpighiaceae of the Old World (Davis & Anderson, 2010) and the polysymmetric sister family Elatinaceae (Davis & Chase, 2004; Davis et al.
A complete generic phylogeny of Malpighiaceae inferred from nucleotide sequence data and morphology.
The study found the most root pressure in the Bignoniaceae, Araceae, Leguminosae, and Vitaceae families, while finding root pressures absent in the Passifloraceae, Aristolochiaceae, and Malpighiaceae families (Fisher et al.
Lindley is much higher in plants growing near oil-reward species of Malpighiaceae than in plants growing where Malpighiaceae were sparse.
We did not include genera in which the planes of the wing are oblique to the central axis, for example Pterocarya and many Malpighiaceae, nor those considered to represent asymmetrical winged samaras (Mirle & Burnham, 1999).
2002) proposed a similar migration from South America to the Old World via a Laurasian migration route for Malpighiaceae, another primarily tropical group.
History of the Malpighiaceae in the light of pollination ecology.