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Italian anatomist who was the first to use a microscope to study anatomy and was among the first to recognize cells in animals (1628-1694)

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This should be related to early developmental biology studies when scientists such as Malpighi made remarkable leaps in our understanding of developmental biology through observations, even without the advantage of fancy microscopes and modern scientific equipment.
Malpighi (1628-94) was a major figure in that community, he says, so plays a central role in this account.
1661: Italian anatomist Marcello Malpighi observes through a rudimentary microscope, the capillary system.
Essays look at specific scientists, such as Leeuwenhoek, Malpighi, Vallisneri, Bonaventura Corti and Benjamin Martin.
Mibelli'nin porokeratozu--klasik ve hiperkeratotik klinik formlar arasindaki histopatolojik farkliliklar (4) Ozellik Klasik Hiperkeratotik Kornoid lamella (KL) Tek ve filiform Cok sayida ve iri Corps-ronds benzeri cisimcikler Malpighi tabakasi KL altinda granuler KL altinda granuler tabaka yok tabaka yok Ust tabakalarda Tum tabakalarda vakuollu vakuollu keratinositler keratinositler ve eozinofilik Cok sayida eozinofilik cisimcikler cisimcikler Bazal hucrelerde hidropik dejenerasyon Dermis Hafif, nonspesifik Yogun lenfohistiositik perivaskuler infiltrat Belirgin infiltrat pigment inkontinansi Damarlar Degisiklik yok Papillalarda belirgin ektatik kapillerler
Hodgkin, who noted that Malpighi had described a similar condition in 1666, apparently did not use the microscope even though he had previously collaborated with Joseph J.
Seminal works on Malpighi were produced during the 1960s and 1970s in the United States by Howard Edelmann, who wrote the five-volume Malpighi and the Evolution of Embryology and edited Malpighi's correspondence, and in Italy by Luigi Belloni, who edited Malpighi's works.
At that time Marcello Malpighi, an Italian anatomist, and Thomas Willis, an English clinician, noted independently that the lungs were a system of canals made up of membranes, air passages, and blood vessels.
Well-known scientists such as Harvey, Leenwenhoek, Malpighi, Grew, Boyle, and microscopists such as Hooke and Power are presented along with many lesser known researchers.
In seguito da Marcello Malpighi, amico del Borrelli, la fisiologia sara definitivamente considerata, con la chimica e la miscrospopia, fondamentale per i "medici di professione e moderni di tempo" (Malpigni 1068-69).