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English writer who published a translation of romances about King Arthur taken from French and other sources (died in 1471)

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She ate more healthily, took regular exercise and wore a Malory Band .
Scholars mostly of English literature but also philosophy explore how English writer Thomas Malory (d.
A student is presented with her certificate from Professor Malory Nye, Principal, and Mirza Al Sayegh, Chairman, of Al Maktoum Institute, Dundee, Scotland, on Tuesday.
Love is dangerous and destructive in Malory and other Arthurian romances but is usually ennobling as well.
The only spare time this Malory would have had for writing the Morte was during his frequent stays in prison, where he was locked up for a variety of crimes, including rape.
Also, for the entire period after Malory only English-language writers are discussed.
Love Only Once: A Malory Novel is the unabridged audiobook presentation of bestselling author Johanna Lindsey's passionate romance novel.
Giving the Grail a separate chapter results in a somewhat lopsided discussion of the Vulgate Cycle, and of Malory; and putting Malory at the beginning of a largely post-medieval section presents him as an originator, rather than as the last major representative of the medieval tradition.
The writings of Sir Thomas Malory, the last medieval bearer-up of Camelot, was understood and received by medieval readers as a traditional praise of chivalry.
Kaufman details replacing the traditional method of teaching Malory's Morte Darthur through summary and selection with an examination of the stylistic and cultural similarities between Malory and his contemporary medieval chroniclers.
Anybody familiar with the story of King Arthur has Malory to thank for it.
For the most part, Fuqua keeps the action rolling - with more of a nod to ``Gladiator,'' including a loud Hans Zimmer score, than to any version of the legend by Thomas Malory or T.
The accountants making the move with him include senior managers Malory Taylor and Mary Ellen Vangilder.
xix-xx), Malory leaves his uncertainly constructed readership conscious of what is lacking, required to supply hidden knowledge, empowered to challenge the text's putative indications of its own meaning.
1) On the other hand, Gerard Manley Hopkins, who dedicated his life to the most Christian of the ideals in Malory in all its Catholicism, thought that Tennyson had not taken his model seriously enough.