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Synonyms for evil eye

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

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a look that is believed to have the power of inflicting harm

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The entire belief system, which the phrase malocchio conjured, was steeped in what one of my informants jokingly referred to as becoming white--that is, making it in what Italians almost immediately recognized upon arriving in America as a racially charged society.
My Baal, shimmering Apollo, junkyard Buonarroti, funkadelic malocchio, voice shouting from the radio, talking about love, about heartbreak, about doing everything you can till you cain't do no more.
Aunque la palabra latina fascinum tiene derivados en casi todas las lenguas romances, se suelen emplear otros vocablos que expresan directamente y en terminos mas populares y comprensibles la accion danina de los ojos, por ejemplo: evil eye en ingles, boser Blick en aleman, mal de ojo y aojo en castellano, mal d'ull y ullpres en catalan, malocchio en italiano, etc.
Orlando Grandioso, slayer of shibboleths Newt Gingrich Malocchio, an evil prince Bill Clinton Gwendolyn the Good Peggy Noonan Beadle, a sage Alvin Toffler Der Meisterschelter Kenneth Starr Moth, a journalist Peter Jennings Cobweb Susan Molinari Seraphina Arianna Huffington The Duke of Revlon, a Moor Vernon Jordan Balthazar Robert Bork Rubato, a minstrel Rush Limbaugh Ringwort Henry Hyde Bearpaw Dick Armey
Ma, oltre a incarnare la potenza della sessualita, figure come queste hanno anche (proprio per questo) una funzione apotrapaica e profilattica; difendono dalla malasorte e dal malocchio, in coerenza con la loro fondamentale funzione salvifica.
Canicatti is a Malocchio (Italian for bad eye), a legendary group of women born in Sicily and possessing the ability to cast spells on people simply by looking at them.
To give his dancers in Malocchio (1953) a true sense of the ballet's context, Butler rehearsed the cast on site in a Lower East Side tenement and made the pages of Life magazine.
Nell'analizzare il simbolismo meduseo, non va tralasciato l'elemento dell'occhio: Medusa-Gorgone non puo essere guardata, il suo sguardo pietrifica, il suo occhio porta sventura; malocchio, uccide.