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Synonyms for evil eye

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

Words related to evil eye

a look that is believed to have the power of inflicting harm

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The entire belief system, which the phrase malocchio conjured, was steeped in what one of my informants jokingly referred to as becoming white--that is, making it in what Italians almost immediately recognized upon arriving in America as a racially charged society.
Roda discerns this same process in Italo Svevo's unfinished fantastic novella Il malocchio, in which the protagonist is a divided modernist individual.
Ma, oltre a incarnare la potenza della sessualita, figure come queste hanno anche (proprio per questo) una funzione apotrapaica e profilattica; difendono dalla malasorte e dal malocchio, in coerenza con la loro fondamentale funzione salvifica.
Canicatti is a Malocchio (Italian for bad eye), a legendary group of women born in Sicily and possessing the ability to cast spells on people simply by looking at them.
To give his dancers in Malocchio (1953) a true sense of the ballet's context, Butler rehearsed the cast on site in a Lower East Side tenement and made the pages of Life magazine.