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2010; Krenn y Aspock, 2012), especialmente los Mallophaga en las aves o en aquellos hospederos de movimiento rapido.
A review of the phoretic relationship between Mallophaga (Phthiraptera: Insecta) and Hippoboscidae (Diptera: Insecta).
Studies in Neotropical Mallophaga, XI: bird lice of the suborder Amblycera, genus Dennyus (Neumann).
The Anoplura and Mallophaga of North American mammals.
Lice are divided into two orders: Mallophaga (chewing lice, which are common in birds and domestic animals with humans being accidental hosts) and Anoplura (sucking lice, which only parasitize mammals with the three types of human lice belonging to this group).