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United States cook who was an immune carrier of typhoid fever and who infected dozens of people (1870-1938)

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Judge Silvia Regina Portes Criscuolo has ruled Mallon, 36, from Drimnagh in Co Dublin, can have his passport returned if he pays the bond and commits to returning to Brazil as required.
THG said they had legitimate customers for their tickets and Mallon was acting as a collection agent for them in Rio, meeting clients.
Gerry Mallon has been Chief Executive Officer of Danske Bank UK since 2008.
Following the tweet on Monday - seen by Mr Lane's 107 followers and also Cllr Len Junier's 782 followers as it was retweeted by Cllr Junier - Mr Mallon has called for a public apology over the "disgraceful online attack on a political associate".
The Standards Board for England found Mr Mallon made three breaches of its code of conduct after investigating complaints over how the mayor handled a row over the borough's trade.
There were areas where he would have expected to find blood traces even now had a birth occurred in this room," Mallon wrote in the motion.
The parent company acquired Mallon Resources, and its subsidiary Mallon Oil Company, in a stock-for-stock merger in 2003.
Coming from a Catholic, farming background, Mallon rose rapidly in the ranks of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and was soon promoted to the detective force, or G Division, which he was later to lead.
Paul and Florence Nightingale to Lord Byron and President Nixon, Mallon draws attention to "the kind of considered exchange to which e-mail is now doing such chatty, hurry-up violence.
Mrs Mallon, from Leadgate, near Consett, worked at Tyne-Tees Television as a production co-ordinator on Catherine Cookson dramas before heading to the BBC in Newcastle for 10 years.
He began to walk away but Mallon opened the door and abusively told him not to knock at his door again and threw the letter at him.
Mallon served as senior marketing manager for Scott Paper Co.
But then Malone's mistake allowed Mallon to snatch a loose ball out of the air and sprint 75 metres to touch down.
The power of the human-animal bond has been described in sources as diverse as ancient literature, modern fiction, and research reports in the professional literature (Chandler, 2001; Mallon, 1992; Parshall, 2003; Siegel, 1993).