logic bomb

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a set of instructions inserted into a program that are designed to execute (or 'explode') if a particular condition is satisfied


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So infected media was a common vector for attacking systems with malicious logic [11].
In addition, they also are subject to wider ranges of malicious logic that can traverse the network from one machine to the next and therefore, are vulnerable to:
Our experience ranges from mission and technical support to network security analysis, intrusion detection/prevention, malicious logic analysis, forensics analysis, training and standardization/evaluation in support of the Air Force's cyber operations mission.
pdf describes how the malicious logic acts as a parasite, using JavaScript code to control Google Desktop functionality.
Over the past decade, SecureInfo has provided both Federal Government agencies and commercial clients with comprehensive information security solutions that have assisted them in avoiding such malicious logic as NIMDA, Code Red, SQL Slammer and more recently MS Blaster.