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Synonyms for sexism

sexual discrimination

Words related to sexism

discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex

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And while he is slating her for creating a media circus in an attempt to destroy him, he's giving press conferences screaming that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and proving that he is a male chauvinist pig by calling all the women journalists "Love".
Self-confessed male chauvinist pig Derek was so sexist and dated in his attitudes that I thought he had to be taking the mickey.
And Katie triumphs with a male chauvinist pig of prize-winning obnoxiousness.
WELL girls, it's time to break out the Trex and get the pan on as we celebrate the news that the male chauvinist pig is alive and well and grunting in Northern Ireland.
June reckons Derek is the ultimate male chauvinist pig who is teaching 10-year-old son Ryan to be just like him.
Janice found an unlikely ally in Bernard Manning, the archetypal male chauvinist pig, who took a shine to her and showed her the ropes.
I'd like to read that script, because it was about a male chauvinist pig in England in the Sixties, and it's being written by an American woman.
She called him a male chauvinist pig, told of his violence towards her and accused him of unreasonable behaviour.
And definitely far too early to tune into male chauvinist pig Roger Tallis' thoughts on doing all the cooking while the missus has her nails done.
Okay, I might be a male chauvinist pig but I really do hope this venture is a huge success and, just for once, I'm kicking all the snide sexist comments into touch.