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a man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women


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The girls rebelled because male chauvinists at the club treated them like "kitchen slaves", forcing them to cook meals after Saturday matches.
In his docmnentary "America the Beautiful," Darryl Roberts, like some affable, disingenuous Michael Moore type, wanders around asking everyone--from unabashed male chauvinists to kids, agents, cosmetic chemists, plastic surgeons, magazine editors, celebrities and teachers--why America is so obsessed with beauty, particularly since, as he goes to great pains to demonstrate, the consequences of that obsession can prove so dire.
TIGER WOODS has shocked the golfing world and male chauvinists - which is much the same thing - by declaring he is prepared to miss next month's Open to be present at the birth of his first child.
While business was opposed to the creation of the right to sue for sexual harassment some 30 years ago, no one but the most unreconstructed male chauvinists would now deny the greater benefits from increased workforce diversity that have resulted from the breaking down of doors and smashing of glass ceilings, especially in this tight labor market.
I object to the stigma the "holier than thou" male chauvinists insist on placing on single and divorced mothers.
Even male chauvinists should be impressed by the story of Mary Wollstonecraft, who is regarded as the mother of modern feminism.
There is a world of difference to someone being a boss and being bossy and if this project succeeds in its objective of creating 21,000 new business start-ups in Wales by 2007 then even the male chauvinists can't moan too much.
Male chauvinists lamented the power conferred upon 'new women' by sexual emancipation.