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a man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women


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There is a world of difference to someone being a boss and being bossy and if this project succeeds in its objective of creating 21,000 new business start-ups in Wales by 2007 then even the male chauvinists can't moan too much.
These are well-discussed themes in the Nicholls household and the trainer sighs: "You can't argue with male chauvinists.
Male chauvinists lamented the power conferred upon 'new women' by sexual emancipation.
We asked for ideas after featuring a fantasy remote control for male chauvinists.
KKINKY BOOTS (12A) is a fabulous little British film which not only punches above its weight, it kicks male chauvinists where it hurts, too.
But even this fact doesn't convince some male chauvinists that women are better fly anglers, partly because it was caught on a spinner.
Rather like our Andy Capp sends up diehard male chauvinists.
IT doesn't matter what male chauvinists think about women's football, the past fortnight of World Cup coverage has at least proved one thing - not all tomboys are ugly.
Male chauvinists proved they know how to text as the question of whether "real men" would quit work to look after their children proved a real poser for Record readersHow many real men would quit work to look after the kids - none.
MALE chauvinists may mock that most women think a current is something you make buns with, but there is a growing demand for female electricians.