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Synonyms for Maldives

a republic on the Maldive Islands

a group of about 1,200 small coral islands (about 220 inhabited) in the Indian ocean

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A TEACHER claiming damages after her husband drowned on their Maldives island honeymoon wept as she told how she fought to save him.
We broke into a collective smile as below - glinting like a shard of opal in the Indian Ocean - our Maldives island idyll came into view.
We broke into a collective smile as below, glinting like a shard of opal in the Indian Ocean, our Maldives island idyll came into view.
As part of the May Maldives Madness campaign, guests who pay for four nights at the exclusive five-star Maldives island resort of Anantara Veli will be able to add three additional days to their holiday for just one dirham per night.
It came as residents on the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo claimed to have seen a low-flying jumbo jet the day flight MH370 disappeared.
Asian Tribune speaking to a cross section of Ambassadors who doubles as UN Permanent Representatives from various countries and a few Foreign Ministers, they said that United States has already tasted its first victory in the little Maldives Island, by getting rid of Mohamed Nasheed - a champion of Democracy and managed to install the vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan as country's new President.
A TEACHER whose husband drowned in a tropical lagoon on their Maldives island honeymoon yesterday lost her High Court battle for damages.
The pair kissed and cuddled on the tiny Maldives island of Kuda Huraa, in the Indian Ocean.
The flights to the Maldives island will have blonde pilots and air hostesses.
The Gladiators presenter was with travel executive Markus Kempen on the sun-soaked Maldives island of Kuda Huraa in the Indian Ocean.
A diplomat in Sri Lanka when contacted said in case Iran applies for full membership, then that matter could be discussed and in case a consensus is arrived at, then the matter could be sorted out at the 17th SAARC Summit expected to be held in Maldives Island in 2011.
1 - Maldives islands There are more than 106 different resorts for visitors to choose from and the desert island vibes are guaranteed to make you feel as if you own your own private piece of heaven.
Instruments on the UAVs measured concentrations of aerosol particles and black carbon, cloud droplet size and density, temperature variations, and turbulent kinetic energy, and these data were combined with ground measurements taken from the Maldives islands southwest of India and Sri Lanka.
A new resort in the exotic Maldives islands has opened with a British "chippie" among the dining options.
Letting herself fall into utter exhaustion just might have been worth it for the Egyptian actress as she can now indulge herself in a guilt-free extravagant vacay at the Maldives Islands.