Malayan tapir

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a tapir found in Malaya and Sumatra

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HUGE new state-of-the-art habitats for sun bears, Malayan tapirs and Asian songbirds have been unveiled at Chester Zoo.
Malayan tapirs are endangered due to the destruction of their habitat in the forests of their native South East Asia, with fewer than 2,500 in the wild.
Malayan tapirs, which are related to both the horse and the rhinoceros and feature a long and flexible nose to help forage for food, are found in Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand and Myanmar.
Too little is known about Malayan tapirs to state how many different fruits they eat or which of the seeds they effectively disperse.
Marjorie, right, a Malayan tapir born on March 4, was tucking into cabbage leaves with mum Gladys.
She is the latest in a large family as her mother, from Toronto Zoo Canada, and father Elmer France's Mulhouse Zoo, are one most successful breeding pairs Malayan tapir in Europe and mily oo in from of the airs of d have w arr welcomed 11 babies since their arrival in Belfast.
IT may not be as cute as a panda but this baby Malayan tapir has captured the imaginations of people all over the world.
Nichola suggested Harapan because it is Indonesian for hope, and with less than 3,000 Malayan tapirs in the wild, the successful breeding and birth of this little one brings hope that the species will not only survive but thrive.
In the last 12 months, the zoo has celebrated the birth of a tamandua anteater, a Malayan tapir, a fourth offspring for the zoo's giant anteaters and two red panda cubs - all facing extinction in the wild.
Visit the Malayan tapirs at feeding time to learn more about them
Endangered Malayan tapirs Ka and Sayang were introduced to each other at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday.
The cut-and-run logging is wrecking Burmese rivers, as well as the habitat of rare tigers, Asian elephants, rhinoceros, and Malayan tapirs.
Malayan tapirs Ka and Sayang were introduced to each other just in time for Valentine's Day and head keeper Darren McGarry, hopes his match-making will work out.