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Synonyms for Malayan

a member of a people inhabiting the northern Malay Peninsula and Malaysia and parts of the western Malay Archipelago

of or relating to or characteristic of Malaysia


of or relating to or characteristic of the people or language of Malaysia and the northern Malay Peninsula and parts of the western Malay Archipelago


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Malayan Banking Bhd stated that financial services solutions include car manufacturing, distribution, retailing and after sale services for its suppliers, dealers and customers in Malaysia.
These newborn cubs will add to the genetic diversity of the Malayan tiger population and contribute to conservation efforts for the species.
During the war, MPAJA guerillas captured Japanese Type 38 and 99 Arisaka rifles, while others were used by communist guerillas during the Malayan Emergency (see below).
The Malayan Communist Party and other far Left parties were banned.
But he added: "The truth is that these people were killed ruthlessly in a series of what can only be described as executions by British troops, probably in reprisal for things that had happened earlier in the Malayan Emergency, even though those killed weren't responsible in any way.
Dermot Weld, trainer of Zaminast and Malayan Mist "Zaminast has been working nicely but I wouldn't want any more rain for her.
She is the latest in a large family as her mother, from Toronto Zoo Canada, and father Elmer France's Mulhouse Zoo, are one most successful breeding pairs Malayan tapir in Europe and mily oo in from of the airs of d have w arr welcomed 11 babies since their arrival in Belfast.
POTTED HISTORY OF THE MALAYAN EMERGENCY BRITISH, Commonwealth and other security forces fought against communist insurgents in Malaya between 1948 and 1960 when the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) sought independence from Britain.
But for Malayan Emergency veterans Bill Lappage and Billy Stammers it will be as much about celebration as solemnity.
In 1957, he signed up and went out to serve in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency, a guerrilla war fought between Common-wealth armed forces and the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party.
A pair of just over 2-week old Malayan tiger cubs at the San Diego Zoo have recently opened their eyes.
What about the generations who served in the Korean War, Mau Mau, the Malayan Emergency, Aden, Northern Ireland, Belize, The Falklands War, both Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, etc?
A 5-year-old Malayan sun bear has given birth at a park in Indonesia's West Sumatra Province, park management said Tuesday.
April 21 2010 -- Malaysian poultry, feed and flour producer Malayan Flour Mills Berhad has announced it has increased its shareholding in subsidiary Premier Grain Sdn Bhd.
After the end of World War Two, it was not until 1950 that the regiment was called into action again when communist revolutionaries attempted to oust the Malayan government.