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The Gulf of Mexico reef fish bottom longline fishery is a Federal fishery that uses bottom longlines to target red grouper, Epinephelus morio; gag grouper, Mycteroperca microlepis; scamp, Mycteroperca phenax; and tilefish, Malacanthidae.
6 FAMILIA PRIACANTHIDAE Pristigenys serrula (Gilbert, 1891) Ataluna semaforo 4 FAMILIA MALACANTHIDAE Caulolatilus affinis Gill, 1865 Conejo 3.
The Indo-Pacfic genus Hoplolatilus belongs to the circumtropical family Malacanthidae and contains elongate, cigar-shaped fishes that occur over silt, sand, or rubble bottoms at depths to at least 85 m.
Number of Family Common name species Opistognathidae jawfishes 1 Priacanthidae bigeyes 2 Holocentridae squirrelfishes 1 Pomacanthidae angelfishes 5 Balistidae triggerfishes 3 Pomacentridae damselfishes 5 Labridae wrasses 7 Serranidae sea basses and groupers 23 Chaetodontidae butterflyfishes 3 Malacanthidae tilefishes 2 Sparidae porgies 6 Acanthuridae surgeonfishes 3 Haemulidae grunts 4 Lutjanidae snappers 7 Scaridae parrotfishes 4 Tetraodontidae puffers 2 Mullidae goatfishes 2 Muraenidae morays 2 Carangidae jacks 6 Sphyraenidae barracudas 1 Scombridae mackerels 1 Mean Mean Probability duration number of of being Family (s) individuals seen in video Opistognathidae 504 22 1.
Peces oseos comerciales del Parque Gorgona, Pacifico colombiano (Osteichthyes: Muraenesocidae, Hemiramphidae, Belonidae, Scorpaenidae, Triglidae, Malacanthidae, Gerreidae, Sparidae, Kyphosidae, Sphyraenidae e Istiophoridae).