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Russian writer of plays and novels and short stories

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His first works, later included in his Odesskiye rasskazy ("Odessa Tales"), were published in 1916 in a monthly edited by Maksim Gorky.
Some Dostoyevskian Themes in the Work of Maksim Gorky.
He graduated in 1897 but turned to writing instead of law for a living, receiving aid and encouragement from Maksim Gorky.
Changing his name from Vosdanig Adoian, he passed himself off as a relative of Maksim Gorky (it's not clear whether he knew that was a pen name for Aleksey Peshkov).
His early stories were widely read, and during the 1920s and 1930s his popularity approached that of Maksim Gorky.
His first published stories appeared in a journal edited by Maksim Gorky.
The writer Maksim Gorky was one of the early theoreticians of the doctrine, but Gorky's ideas about the relationship of literature to life contained elements of romanticism that later critics have tended to label " revolutionary romanticism, " rather than realism.