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Directed by Michael Mayer, the film is being released on DVD including "The Journey Home," a special making-of documentary.
98) includes commentary by John McTiernan, text commentary by film journalist/historian Eric Lichtenfield, deleted scene, a making-of documentary, seven featurettes, and deleted scene and outtakes.
Filled with glamorous trips to the London shops, the tireless pursuit of a cute English boy and endless mischief, the DVD features additional scenes, a making-of documentary, interactive challenges and more
It includes commentary by Singer and Tom Sigel, a second commentary by the producers, a making-of documentary, 11 featurettes and 11 deleted scenes.
DVD special features include: All-new making-of documentary "Cole Porter in Hollywood: True Love" hosted by co-star Celeste Holm.
THE EXTRAS: Eight-disc set has all 28 episodes of the series, plus a making-of documentary and image gallery.
95) includes commentary by Perrin, a making-of documentary and a music feature.
It almost happened, as told by Brooks as part of an hourlong making-of documentary that's part of the new DVD.
In a making-of documentary that is part of the six-disc DVD release of ``Band of Brothers,'' a number of the actors and those behind the scenes discuss the efforts that went into giving the series a realistic look in the three years of filming - from putting the actors into a ``boot camp'' to coating the German tanks with a type of hard paste, a substance that was actually used to prevent magnetic mines from sticking to the metal plating.
That is just one of the amusing bits on the making-of documentary that is part of the DVD being released today.
MORE SYNERGY: ABC Family whets the appetite of dinosaur buffs with ``Witness From Dinotopia,'' a half-hour making-of documentary about the ``Dinotopia'' miniseries that kicks off Sunday on its Disney-sister network, ABC.
98 on DVD, which includes a making-of documentary, commentary and a tour of the Stan Winston Studio.
OK, I'll grant you this: The making-of documentary afterward is excessive (and, naturally and ironically, by trying to bloat a pristine product, subverts the original show's message).
90 and includes ``The Godfather Family: A Look Inside,'' a making-of documentary of the first film; deleted footage; ``Francis Coppola's Notebook''; production stills and storyboards; segments on Gordon Willis' cinematography; Nino Rota and Carmine Coppola's music; locations and screenplays; rehearsal footage; a Corleone family tree; ``Godfather'' timeline; and Academy Award acceptance speeches.
If there is any quibble about the DVD is that it could have used a separate featurette on the wire-action sequences, an intriguing process that is only glimpsed at in the making-of documentary.