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British statesman who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997 (born in 1943)

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He has not challenged either Thatcherism or its little brother, Majorism, by offering people a positive alternative.
He's rejected Thatcherism by calling for more compassion and booted out Majorism by saying we must stop mooning over warm pints of Old Tapster's Tru nnion and village cricket.
The pledge implicit, but not written in so many words on Blair's card, was to undo the damage caused by 18 years of Thatcherism and Majorism.
Since then we've gone from Thatcherism to Majorism, from posh flats to repossession nightmares, from ordinary clothes to designer duds, from 1970s sexuality to HIV paranoia.
The 1990s is the age not of Majorism, which has been rubbed from our memories by a polite form of collective amnesia, but of New Labour.
That's the unacceptable legacy of Thatcherism and Majorism that has not only sold the "family silver", but is capable of selling its grannies.
Needless to say, Mr Blair was not offering the Prime Minister a compliment when he referred to Majorism.
Don't forget, Forsyth is the man who said recently: "Thatcherism still has a lot to offer Scotland - and Majorism and Thatcherism are as one.
IN September 1993 The Independent ran a competition to define Majorism.