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small genus of herbs usually included in the genus Origanum

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En Allemagne, des parties aeriennes de la marjolaine (Origanum majorana L.
majorana were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich, Brazil, and Vimontti[R] (Agroindustria Sao Caetano Ltda, Brazil), respectively.
Nawwar, "Free radical scavenging and antiacetylcholinesterase activities of Origanum majorana L.
But at least in theory, there are two other kinds of fermions, both proposed soon afterward: Majorana fermions and Weyl fermions.
Comparative effects of Artemisia dracunculus, Satureja hortensis and Origanum majorana on inhibition of blood platelet adhesion, aggregation and secretion.
Pasini S, Bardellini E, Keller E, Conti G, Flocchini P, Majorana A.
It is notorious that for Sciascia this re-publication gives evidence of Manzoni's influence on one of Sciascia's favourite genres: the romanzo inchiesta (see, for example, amongst his best works: Morte dell'inquisitore [1964], Atti relativi alla morte di Raymond Russel [1971], La scomparsa di Majorana [1975], I pugnalatori [1976], L'affaire Mow [1978]).
Hasta el presente, no se conoce si los neutrinos son fermiones de Dirac o de Majorana.
Inside a tiny rod of semiconductor crystal chilled cooler than outer space, they had caught the first glimpse of a strange particle called the Majorana fermion, finally confirming a prediction made in 1937.