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a major biotic community characterized by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate

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The Nature Conservancy - The TripAdvisor donation could contribute to the Nature Conservancy's Campaign for a Sustainable Planet, which supports the Conservancy's ambitious goal of doubling the protected area of all the world's major habitat types by 2015, including forests, oceans, rivers and lakes, grasslands, and deserts and dry lands.
Reservoir construction and filling resulted in substantial loss of area in each of four major habitat types.
The International Ocean Wilderness would include large portions of the five major habitat types that are representative of the Gulf of Maine and protect these areas from extractive fishing and non-fishing industrial activities.
Permanent sampling transects were established in each of eight major habitat types in CBSP as described in a habitat map provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: two in terrace grasslands, two in riparian woodlands, three in juniper/oak/persimmon mosaic habitats, four in live oak parks, two in oak woodlands/juniper shrub habitats, one in juniper shrub habitat, one in juniper woodlands, and three in rangeland/rock outcrop habitat.
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