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The speakers termed the MAJA Project a milestone in providing speedy and cheap justice to the people at grassroots level.
The paths of life Maja and Andrej tread, as well as their meeting points, keep merging or temporarily parting--being torn apart just like the narration, which is all in pieces.
Uit die briewe wat Maja met die liefde van 'n ma veertig jaar lank aan Lily rig, kom die boodskap tot stand dat die beste bedoelings van die liefde steeds vol menslikheid en oordeelsfoute is.
Maja, named after a fertility goddess, weighed 7lb 15oz when she was born on Tuesday.
Olsson's Maja, who vacillates between amused and bemused, seems somehow too sweet to be drawn to the mysterious bear hunter.
The confusion of Maja is well conveyed by Swedish actress Tove Olsson, with a real tension between her and Matthew Zajac.
As told in the wry witness an endearingly self-conscious narrator stunned by a friend's death from a shrapnel wound, teenaged Maja decides to write a novel-chronicle-diary to express herself amid the daily grind of privation and peril.
In the images of Maja Weyermann, this space reemerges, albeit in a changed form.
As the group's executive secretary, Maja Banck-Polderman, stated from her Holland office, the attendees "do not have to sign anything, but they understand that they do not talk.
Svetlana and Maja Kutlaca, mother and daughter from Serbia, give a harpsichord lecture recital at last July's Renewal Arts Forum at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux.
Founded in 1933 by Maja Hoffmann (later Maja Sacher) as a memorial to her first husband, Emanuel Hoffmann (scion to the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Hoffmann-La Roche) the Foundation currently owns more than 600 works, representing a vast variety of artistic expression.
Maja Matevzic is a generous price at 3-1 to take out Anna Pistolesi (formerly Smashnova), whose record in Grand Slams is poor.
Toshiki Yokoo, Kay Kulinna, Anja Zant, Anna Reitmanova, Katharina Magdalena Rieger, Sinisa Inic, Maja Pualic, Tania Luebs, Ilka Grund, Magaly Rojas, Robert Schraml
Maja Weiss's Deliverance meets Blair Witch-esque feature, Guardian of the Frontier, saw a trio of hot Slovenian lasses encountering a mysterious guardian, plus some delicious lesbian sex.