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Cleaver, who has perfomed with everyone from creative music icons like Roscoe Mitchell and Muhal Richard Abrams to more mainstream jazz performers like Eddie Harris and Tommy Flanagan, was equally as effective as he described growing up in racially torn Detroit in the 1960s and soaking up musical influences ranging from the Beatles to his father's collection of jazz records.
Over the course of Digging, we hear Baraka extolling the virtues of Stevie Wonders "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (one of the most universally derided songs in the recent history of popular music), providing an intimate portrait of Nina Simone in the 1980s, disparaging mainstream jazz criticism, writing lyrically about John Coltrane and Miles Davis, and exploring Bill Cosby's jazz hipster roots.
Mainstream jazz fans are likely to enjoy listening to The Common Thread almost as much as vibraphonist Chuck Redd enjoyed recording it.
Smith has toured the world, showcasing a repertoire spanning country, bluegrass, mainstream jazz, modern pop, rock and classical guitar.
The goal of the festival has always been the same: the introduction of music, on as large a scale as possible, starting with avant-garde and ending with mainstream jazz, including the more interesting styles of world music and blues.
Her latest effort showcases her versatility, offering listeners a variety of elements drawn from mainstream jazz and salsa, as well as Yoruban chants.
Today's festival features many more modern and mainstream jazz artists with big names from the European jazz circuit and a good many American performers too.
In the 1990s he returned to mainstream jazz, but as this charming live trio date demonstrates, his vision is still quite personal.
But mainstream jazz soon lured him away from the more traditional forms of tropical Latin music.
Alternatively, conga master Poncho Sanchez fused mainstream jazz and r&b into his Latin mix.
Since then, MJF has been a rocking celebration of international fusion and mainstream jazz spiced with blues, soul, rock, reggae, and Latin beats performed by musical giants and newcomers.
For fans of mainstream jazz vocals, this set will be a must-have.
Scholars and writers in the burgeoning field of jazz studies are critically reevaluating some of the timeworn patterns of how mainstream jazz histories have been written.
Like the late Art Blakey, whose Jazz Messengers became one of the last great apprenticeship gigs that educated younger players in the ways of mainstream jazz idioms, Carter is always finding new kids on the block to train.
His accessible playing style has embodied the essence of mainstream jazz, making him one of the most sought after and recorded jazz pianists throughout history.