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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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Fans attending Wednesday's show at Birmingham NIA will see that Dolly has also returned to the mainstream country music that made her so successful in the first place.
The album is also starting to garner praise as critic Michael McCall has given the album a four star rating and says, "It's an album that restores some faith in the ability of a young person in the 90's to create mainstream country music that relies on integrity rather than gimmickry.
We have revamped our country music station in Cincinnati, WYGY-FM, repositioning it with a more mainstream country music format.
Her thick, Southern drawl is juxtaposed with a lively mix of ethereal steel guitar, spare acoustic guitar and stomping drums that sounds like precious little out there in today's mainstream country music scene.
We hope not only to draw future generations to the beauty of mainstream country music, but also to make them aware of the debts paid in their name by soldiers of the past, present and future.