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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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Mainstream country styles have always cycled through trends between more crossover styles, broader audience acceptance, and more sonic hybridity with pop music on one extreme, and more roots-oriented, traditionalist, twang-centered styles on the other.
Among fans of mainstream Country Music, Foster is known as the bespectacled half of hit duo Foster and Lloyd and as one of the hottest songwriters working today.
It's mainstream country pop that's easy on the ear.
Any hopes of a first shock and only Bangladesh's second win in a limited-overs contest against a mainstream country since their 1999 World Cup success over Pakistan at Northampton, evaporated with the early morning dew.
I wrote commercial country music in Nashville and pitched my songs to the country producers, who told me I should become a mainstream country singer.
It is fortunate, then, that Jerusalem also has a softer side: a poignant love song with Emmylou Harris ("I Remember You"), a song co-written with Sheryl Crow ("Go Amanda"), and "The Kind," in which Earle's playful sarcasm parodies the kind of story, song, and picture often served up by mainstream country.
Mainstream country is largely identified with the consumer-driven, youth-oriented New or Young Country movement of the 1980s and '90s.
Media partners include Great American Country (GAC) Television, Lon Helton's Country Music Countdown and Dial-Global's Mainstream Country and Hot Country syndicated shows.
Mainstream Country artist Ty March's single "Summertime" is being featured on major radio stations and already receiving label attention before the "Going Big (On A Small Town)" EP has been released.
Coat of Many Colours, Little Sparrow, Islands in the Stream, 9 to 5, and my own favourite Here You Come Again featured in a rich and varied musical set covering mainstream country, bluegrass and pop, interspersed with engaging storytelling from the Queen of Country herself.
Both were left off the Grammy Awards nomination last week, however, and have been at the center of the debate over modern mainstream country.
A lot of them are mainstream country, and it would be a real challenge for [country radio stations] to play a gay artist.
Hancock doesn't like the slick, poppy stuff coming out of Nashville as mainstream country.
M and Van Morrison were among the bigger names), new hip hop, mainstream country, weird psychedelic bands, new indie or rock 'n' roll, you can have a field day in Texas.
Performer is probably the most apt word, too, because despite his disdain for over-produced, mainstream country, he is likely to pepper his show with obscure country gems, dazzling guitar runs and personalised versions of pop tunes, liberally sprinkled with his wry humour.