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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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Mo's musical style represents a blend of the traditional and mainstream country sounds.
Both were left off the Grammy Awards nomination last week, however, and have been at the center of the debate over modern mainstream country.
As Tony Brown, who produced records for George Strait, says in the movie, “To this day I still don't realize why he's not a mainstream Country star.
Hancock doesn't like the slick, poppy stuff coming out of Nashville as mainstream country.
Fans attending Wednesday's show at Birmingham NIA will see that Dolly has also returned to the mainstream country music that made her so successful in the first place.
Performer is probably the most apt word, too, because despite his disdain for over-produced, mainstream country, he is likely to pepper his show with obscure country gems, dazzling guitar runs and personalised versions of pop tunes, liberally sprinkled with his wry humour.
Like Red On A Rose is Alan Jackson's first mainstream country album since 2004's What I Do.
Not only does he write and sing his own songs, USA Today calls his guitar work ``some of the most adventurous picking you'll hear in mainstream country.
But the music is still untouchable on mainstream country radio.
Backwoods Barbie marks Parton's first mainstream country album in 17 years.
The three-day festival puts the spotlight on some of the most influential artists in mainstream country, folk music, bluegrass, roots rock and alternative country.
Their quick tally was more proof the so-called "bro country'' movement is the sound of the moment in mainstream country.
The Countryside Bar and Grill is now Whiskey River Ranch, and the plan is to be a club that showcases mainstream country music.
Country Goes Raffi'' features some of Raffi's most beloved songs done by mainstream country singers.
Griego's diverse blend of styles include Outlaw Country, Americana, Mainstream Country and Latin music, featured on songs written or co-written by Griego on the new offering.