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They are also more open to many more truths about the world and God than mainstream Christianity and they look for answers not in religious ideologies but in their souls and their experiences of true religion.
He was greatly attracted, for example, to Christian pacifism, even though this has never been of central importance to mainstream Christianity, but he was repelled by the assertion that the Christian gospel was the necessary path for all humankind to follow.
Through this analysis, Hurtado wants to make three main points: 1) devotion to Jesus emerged at the beginning of the Christian movement, not as a secondary stage of development; 2) the intensity and diversity of this devotion to Jesus has no analogy in the religious environment of the time; and 3) this devotion to Jesus, which included reverencing him as divine, occurred within a stance of exclusivist monotheism, especially among the precursors of mainstream Christianity (p.
One legitimate counterpoint is that during the last 500 years mainstream Christianity has evolved to embrace tolerance and religious freedom.
He's referring to Arianism, a Christian sect that in the fourth century nearly pushed over mainstream Christianity before being quashed.
While Yeve music does appear in The Roar of the Thunder God (which includes two initiation songs, complete with English translations in the glossary), the novel portrays the cult as a complex but ultimately sinister force contending for influence in modern-day Ghana with mainstream Christianity and with Western science as manifested in the investigative methods of the police force.
There are also groups outside mainstream Christianity including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons), the Jehovah Witnesses, Scientologists, New Age movements, and spiritualists.
Whereas in British and German East Africa European missionaries were entering a region that had previously been the domain of traditional African religions and Islam, in Ethiopia the missionaries encountered a people who had been evangelized from Egypt in the fourth century and who, although isolated from contact with mainstream Christianity, had maintained a strong and vibrant church life for twelve centuries before making contact with the Portuguese in the 1520s.
And I was scrupulously careful throughout to emphasize the vital distinction between mainstream Christianity and what I identified as the "Christian/Religious/New/Evangelical/Protestant Right.
Yet Lewis in death has been a magnet for the anxiety and nostalgia that has accompanied the extinction of the mainstream Christianity that elevated him.
She rejected the faith for mainstream Christianity and wrote a book called The Journey To Freedom about her escape from the religion.
Mainstream Christianity may be in an almost terminal decline - at least in this country - but there has been an almost equal rise in the growth of cults and what are usually termed `the New Age religions'.
He comes to the conclusion that both liberal and mainline denominations as well as conservative churches outside mainstream Christianity cause women frustration and alienation on account of their male-dominated network, sexism, discriminatory practices, and overall reluctance to share power with women.
makes educational curriculum decisions are Christian fundamentalism, mainstream Christianity and religious liberalism (Gaddy, Hall & Marzano, 1996).