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the main land mass of a country or continent

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Results in Table 3 suggest that mainlanders did not behave significantly differently from the other demographic groups before the implementation of the NHI program.
were the only mainlanders, with Kline going out in the quarterfinals.
The richest buyers are a mix of Americans, Europeans, Taiwanese and Hong Kong residents--but not mainlanders.
For example, Koichi Mori's examination of the trajectory of Uchinanchu (Okinawa/Okinawan) identity demonstrates that this sub-ethnic identity has changed significantly over time in relation to the cultural identity of mainlanders and that of Brazil.
The property boom in Hong Kong is mainly driven by mainlanders who know that an apartment in Hong Kong is the key to a legal bank account at HSBC, and that is just one wire transfer away from financial freedom.
Taiwan's National Science Council said it would ease regulations on qualified mainlanders, making it easier for them to work in the country.
It's definitely a restaurant that more mainlanders should explore for casually elegant dining with a water view and food that supports its refined setting.
The mainlanders get lessons in technical skills and what Chang regards as a must: character-building exercises meant to inspire teamwork, ethical behavior and creativity.
And, in case liberal-minded mainlanders think an East Coast presbytery might be a touch slow in adjusting to change, it was a full quarter of a century ago (1977) that Rev.
Hou has strong ties to the characters whose memories are portrayed in the film: he is from the second generation of mainlanders growing up in Kaohsiung, as his family moved to Taiwan in 1947 when he was one year old.
Two other Chinese mainlanders arrested along with Lai were sentenced to three years in prison by the court, Lai's friend said.
In fact, the island is reminiscent of Ireland and the Irish - craggy, rebellious and with a strong loathing of interfering mainlanders.
The corporation are keen to cash in on the success of Castaway 2000, a documentary which traced the lives of mainlanders who moved to the tiny island of Taransay for one year.
Given that the ruling mainlanders were a minority, they would someday have to transfer their political power to the native Taiwanese, so as to prolong the survival of the ROC on Taiwan.
As a first-generation writer from the mainland in Taiwan, Pai is able to give justice and lend sympathy to the millions of Chinese mainlanders who struggle to survive and retain their dignity in the new environment.