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The location itself is described in meticulous detail, and, without rehearsing the minutia thereof, suffice it to say that by its size alone it constitutes the most impressive site of its kind in Mainland Southeast Asia for the pre- and early Sinitic period.
In the multilateral arena, both countries have promoted the economic development of mainland Southeast Asia, and have actively supported regional arrangements such as the Quadrangle Economic Cooperation (QEC) (20) the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other ASEAN frameworks.
Prior to this, he served as ambassador to Indonesia, deputy assistant secretary in EAP, ambassador for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, director of the Office of Maritime Southeast Asia, director of the Office of Mainland Southeast Asia and director of the Office of Southern European Affairs.
Highlighting the linguistic diversity of the region, this work presents the latest research on the linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA).
Stated in different terms, in the whole of mainland Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Malaysian portion of the Malay peninsula, Burma/Myanmar, and the Indian states between Bangladesh and Burma), totaling about three times the land area of Borneo, there are three reported nomadic groups, while in Borneo there are perhaps ten times that number.
Slowly clearing infections, which were defined as a parasite clearance half-life of 5 hours or longer and indicated established resistance, were detected throughout mainland Southeast Asia, but they were not yet common in India or Africa.
Culturally, those who lived in mainland China were identified as "Hmoob Suav" Chinese Hmong (Hmong in China) or "Hmoob Tuam Tshoj" (Main kingdom Hmong), while Hmong in upper mainland Southeast Asia were known as "Hmoob Xov Tshoj" (Small kingdom Hmong), due to geographical and cultural distinctions.
However, in the early 1990s, the vision of mainland Southeast Asia as an area with common economic interests gained acceptance.
Spiralling outwards from south central Flores, Chapter 3 is concerned with 'hairy hominoids' elsewhere on Flores, followed by wildmen on other eastern Islands of Indonesia (Chapter 4), those on Sumatra (Chapter 5), in western Indonesia and mainland Southeast Asia (Chapter 6), elsewhere in Asia (Chapter 7), outside Asia (Chapter 8, which collates Europe, North America, Australia Africa and Madagascar), and the Pacific (Chapter 9).
It was China that played the more visible role as investor in the region, and it was China that invested heavily in the communicative infrastructure of mainland Southeast Asia -- which has now given it an overland route from China all the way to the Indian Ocean via Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
Mainland Southeast Asia forms part of the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot and is thus a top priority for conservation and wildlife management (Myers et al.
Myanmar, the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, has rich natural resources, including arable land, forests, minerals, natural gas and freshwater and marine resources.
Myanmar, which has a total area of 678,500 square kilometres, is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, and the 40th-largest in the world.
But it is also likely that mainland Southeast Asia was a crossroads leading to multiple migratory paths," she noted.
The book features a wide range of interdisciplinary chapters covering several regions of mainland Southeast Asia and three major periods in its history: Classical/Post- Classical, Early Modern, and Modern.