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a native or resident of Maine


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It is not easy to form a new credit union but a group of Mainers believe they have the recipe to potentially charter the first new one in the state in a quarter century.
PROJECTS IN RUSSIA Mainer Investment Limited (Mainer) received regulatory permission to list up to USD 500 mln of its 2012-2020 bonds on the Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
La labor de Mainer nacia siempre de una justificacion previa, de la necesidad de peticiones de principio ineludibles que liberaran los textos del pudibundo corse de la estilistica:
Musicologist, radio producer, and presenter Dick Spottswood has put together an attractive Mainer miscellany, an American musical gallimaufry.
Mainer was a member of late brother JE Mainer's Mountaineers, one of the most popular sibling duos of the 1930s.
De hecho, al referirse a algunos de estos textos, Jose Carlos Mainer (2004: xx) los situa sin ambages dentro de la produccion literaria del novelista, y los relaciona con una forma concreta de difusion, el periodico, porque no en vano vieron sus primeras luces en las paginas de la prensa.
Contributors include Anna Lomax (daughter of folklorist Alan Lomax), the surviving relations of Twenties greats, plus three actual survivors of the era: guitarist Slim Bryant, banjoist Wade Mainer and Delta bluesman "Honeyboy" Edwards.
En el primero Jose Carlos Mainer examina la trayectoria narrativa de Ignacio Martinez de Pison notando las influencias del cuento, ciertos modelos literarios (Verne, Dickens), y "otras huellas de lecturas juveniles" (26), presentes en la narrativa de Pison.
Please give my regards to those whom may remember the bearded Brunswick, Mainer and former marathoner.
Mainer was a tremendous star in the 1930s who had never played the Opry.
Buck Mainer director of marketing and development, says Labatt sends out a staff of 24 specialists to many major urban markets to work with product knowledge at bars that stock their goods, especially with Labatt's European portfolio leaders: Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Boddingtons and Lowenbrau.
Green Party patriarch and Bowdoin College professor John Rensenbrink, another Mainer, points out that when Carter first ran for governor in 1994, the media yawned.
Mainer, for instance, writing in 1983, compares Spain unfavourably to other European countries as far as the quality of its stage design is concerned, and refers to 'una riqueza escenografica que en Espana tenia como unico representante a Martinez Sierra' (Jose-Carlos Mainer, La Edad de Plata (1902-1939), 3rd edn (Madrid: Catedra, 1983), p.
When cops ran the criminal couple to the ground, they learned that Kevin Rainey, 41, and his fiancee, Dorrell Mainer, 38, were just trying to pull off their first, last and only crime.
Kevin Rainey, 41, and his bride-to-be, Dorrell Mainer, 38, had made extravagantly expensive plans for a huge wedding, banking on a fat refund from the IRS.