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United States writer (born in 1923)

a person who mails something

an advertisement that is sent by mail

a container for something to be mailed

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Resilience films and Mighty Lite mailers were purposefully developed to adapt to the growing needs and rigors of the e-Commerce market and internet focused retailers.
Second round: Thompson & Lloyd 21 Chappel & Tong 12, Walker & Firth 21 Mordue & Cranston 10, Mailer & Mailer 21 Jolly & Power 11, Smith & Hughes 21 Haywood & Goldthorpe 3, Turner & Turner 20 Wood & Stone 21, Parks & Hardwick 21 Hopkinson & Bissell 9, Armitage & Walker 10 Tattersley & Tattersley 21, Sheerha & Walder 21 Webb & Cowsill 16.
Nominated for the National Book Award five times (he won for Armies of Night [1968]) and awarded two Pulitzer Prizes (for Armies of the Night and The Executioner's Song [1979]), Mailer wrote extensively and in every conceivable genre for dozens of magazines and journals, including the Village Voice, which he cofounded in 1955.
He was knocked unconscious and Mailer, who was first to arrive on the scene, called paramedics.
Mailer, who stood as a BNP candidate in Berwick in this year's General Election, was jailed for 18 months yesterday after jurors found him guilty of forgery offences last month.
The prize awarded by the Norman Mailer Center and the Norman Mailer Writers Colony was presented to Pamuk by editor, writer and publisher Tina Brown, at the Center's Annual Benefit Gala, held Tuesday in New York City.
Few people could have tolerated the mood swings of a man as notorious as Mailer was for a protean temperament.
The pair, plus Mailer's sixth and last wife (of more than 30 years), Barbara "Norris" Mailer, had two things in common: love of writing and food.
That she did not know Mailer is a commentary on her, but as you will see, was also a confirmation of Mailer's worst fear.
And yet, Mailer's narrative on the early days of "Adi," as Hitler is known in The Castle in the Forest, tempts the reader--and Mailer, it seems--with such ruminations.
SANTA CLARITA -- Former Mayor Jan Heidt, who lost her quest last week for a seat on a local water board, filed a complaint with the state about the 1,200 campaign mailers her opponent's son sent from Iraq using the Army's free mail system.
Mailer wants us to pay for television, so that the need for commercial sponsorship could be eliminated.
Aside from his work with notable Canadian directors, Leiterman has also worked with and/or observed some very extraordinary Americans, such as Malcolm X in One More River (1963), Margaret Mead in Margaret Mead's New Guinea Journal (1968) and Norman Mailer in Will the Real Norman Mailer Please Stand Up?
It was the start of an educational journey that would earn Otuteye an MBA from one of America's most prominent universities and eventually land him the prestigious title of president and CEO for Money Mailer, LLC, a franchise front-runner in the $41.
WRITER, CRITIC, RADICAL, New York City mayoral candidate, Pulitzer Prize winner, twentieth-century chronicler -- Norman Kingsley Mailer inevitably provokes admiration and intense feelings, much of it negative.