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a purchase negotiated by mail

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The new company will manage the Internet mail-order business on Livedoor's portal after starting operations.
Aaron will work closely with the entire Aetna Pharmacy Management team to integrate the mail-order business into Aetna's overall pharmacy strategy.
The Institute pointed out that the decis beyond the borders of North Dakota and far beyond the duty of a large mail-order business to collect sales.
Dahl, whose main research interest lies in conserving seed strains cultivated by Native Americans, says he plans to set up a mail-order business to sell smut -- the edible type, that is.
The services are offered to customers from the KarstadtQuelle Group as well as external customers, including Mail-Order Business, Department Stores, Wholesales and Specialty Stores.
Bonsall already has a mail-order business, shipping to nearly 100 regular customers as far away as Ohio and Washington, D.
17 per share as a result of weaker demand in its mail-order business due to softer than anticipated economic conditions.
5 billion music market by launching a mail-order business.
Discount Drugs of Canada is one such Florida-based Internet and mail-order business that has been threatened with criminal charges and warned that their stores could be shut down, according to The Associated Press.
ARA is the concession and novelty services manager at the new San Jose Arena; however, this new contract extends ARA's merchandising contract to three retail outlets outside the arena and to the mail-order business.
They had been highly successful for decades in the mail-order business.
Earlier this fall, the company also announced the release of a new web site intended to supplement its catalog and mail-order business and to provide its customers a new and improved way to shop for gourmet pasta online.
Meister advertises his selection in the Malt Advocate and does a brisk mail-order business.
The company has a very successful, nationwide mail-order business of 300,000 catalogs in addition to its New York locations and is recognized as one of the web's best e-retailers.