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a purchase negotiated by mail

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Published since 1981, The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs is the premier source of information on the mail order catalog industry.
The Swiss Colony is a mail order catalog company specializing in both food and non-food gifts, primarily focused around the holiday seasons.
Editor Laura Mars presents readers with the twenty-ninth edition of Grey House PublishingAEs annual directory of mail order catalogs.
This directory lists mail order catalogs aimed at consumers and businesses: 5,880 catalogs for consumers, organized by topic, from animals to books to jewelry to travel and leisure, then 3,404 catalogs for business buyers, in topics such as agriculture, building supplies, computers, heating and cooling, office products, printing, and restaurants.
In 1872, traveling salesman Aaron Montgomery Ward experimented with mail order catalogs to sell products directly to his rural customers, lowering prices by removing the middleman at the general store.
Candidates for recycling include mail order catalogs, old phone books, credit solicitations, medical and insurance forms, checks and bank statements.
com/research/05ed82/the_directory_of_m) has announced the addition of the "The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs with Business to Business Catalogs 2010 Edition" directory to their offering.