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a vertical pole or post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers celebrating May Day

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I have benefited from discussions with Lennart Aqvist, Dan Bonevac, Susan Dimock, Bernard Gert, Lou Goble, Robert Koons, Tom Maibaum, Michael Morreau, David Makinson, Donald Nute, Peter Schotch, Krister Segerberg, and especially Ed Mares.
Par) Maibaum y Jarasse (Par) Alberto Gallegos (Par) Kiefe Freres (Par)
Guy Hamilton again directed, Ted Moore wore the cinematographer's cap, and mainstays Richard Maibaum (screenplay) and John Barry (score) continued their association with the series.
A "minimalistic" approach [Kaplan 1988; Maibaum 1977] admits two primitives in the specification language: equality, which is interpreted as set equality, and binary choice, which is specified by the join axioms:
The first work exploring these ideas in an algebraic framework is Maibaum [1977].
The resulting partial order [is less than] is introduced in Maibaum [1977] in addition to the continuous structure on the models needed for finding the solutions of recursive systems of equations.
2 to nondeterminism is given in Maibaum [1977] which we discussed briefly in Section 3.
16) Please see Maibaum [1977], Hu[Beta]mann [1993], Meseguer [1992], and Mosses [1989a].
Maibaum WW (1989) Endodontic treatment of a 'radiculous' maxillary premolar: a case report.
18, 1961: Richard Maibaum completes "Thunderball," his first James Bond screenplay.
The lengthy list included Fleming himself; Richard Maibaum, the original Bond scriptwriter; and producers Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.