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a member of the Algonquian people formerly living in the Hudson valley and eastward to the Housatonic


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the Algonquian language spoken by the Mohican

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Twice a winner on the level for Mark Johnston, Mahican demonstrated an excellent attitude when outbattling Mandy's Boy to win by a length.
Present at the proceedings were representatives of Mohawk, Mahican, and Susquehannock villages as well as other Munsees including leaders of Wappinger and Hackensack villages.
For 1666, see Peace Treaty between the Mohawks and the Mahicans, Albany, August 31, 1666, LIR, 34-35.
Meanwhile, John Ferguson has entered both Muhtaris and Mahican as he seeks another victory in Saturday's coral.
Money and supplies flowed from the Moravians' international networks to the missions; missionaries sent constant reports back to town, which were then forwarded to Unity officials in Germany; and Delaware and Mahican converts regularly traveled to and lived in Bethlehem.
This problem is exacerbated by the splitting of distinct groups such as the Delaware, Abenaki, Mohegan, Mahican and Narragansett.
MAHICAN (Mark Johnston) IT should be only a matter of time before Mark Johnston's Mahican breaks his maiden after his promising debut at Pontefract last Sunday.
Word quickly reached John Sargeant in the remote Mahican Indian mission outpost at Stockbridge, and he reported in a November 24 letter to Williams that some people in Suffield were threatening to sue Pomeroy for slander.
Uncas, who figures in Cooper's <IR> THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS </IR> , was a Mahican in the sense that he was of that confederacy, but his tribe was the Mohegans.
Given that Edwards had to rely on a translator to convey his message, he no doubt attempted to simplify his delivery and avoid complex constructions that he believed would be difficult to render in Mahican, for Edwards believed that "there are not many good philosophers" among the American Indians.
Chapel Room Session XIII THE FORMATION OF NATIVE CHRISTIANITIES: NEW APPROACHES IN MISSION HISTORY Chair: Bruce David Forbes, Morningside College Incorporating Christianity: Mahican Ritual Life in a Moravian Mission--Rachel Wheeler, Lewis & Clark College Many and Great Things: The Contributions of Joseph Renville to Dakota Christianity--Monica L.
Over the course of a generation, it became a haven for Tuscarora, Mahican, Shawnee, and Loyalist refugees, then a mission village rent by factionalism and religious dissent, a military base for Mohawk warriors led by Joseph Brant, and, finally, a burning ruin.
of Iowa) examines the often overlooked dynamics of diplomatic, political and social communication of the American Indian peoples of the Hudson River Valley--including the Mahicans, Wappingers, and the Esopus Indians--from the early seventeenth century to the Revolutionary War.