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belief in the appearance of the Mahdi

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In order to understand the Iranian Islamic Revolution, it is essential to grasp the historical background for Iranian Mahdism.
The sermons at the Mahdism conference were about developing a system and ethos that is fully accommodating to the commands of the Mahdi.
It was especially strong on the early modern period of Mahdism and on the important White Flag League that continued the struggle against imperialism in a new way even into the British colonial era.
All of these groups displayed distinct religious features, which can be summarily categorized as "revolutionary Mahdism.
The transition from In the Hour of Signs to Wings of Dust is simple: imperialism and Mahdism were both discourses that naturalized the landscape, appropriated the expanse of the land with all its distinctive features, and placed it at the service of the Empire or the nation.
He said that the aggressions being done by the People's Movement prove that it is a doll in the hands of Zionism and the West, pointing to the rich history of the Sudanese nation and Mahdism in resisting the targeting and hegemony.
History reminds the people of South Sudan that the Aliab-Dinka rebelled against the Mahdism and the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium rule from 1899-1956.
I along with several others was apprised of a conference on Mahdism sponsored by the Bright Future Institute of Qom.
It seems while Mahdism and its adherents, the Ansar, sought the reawakening the Islamic religious Fervour.
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