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a great raja


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It has previously been under the ownership of various Maharajahs and the Mughals before the British purloined it.
It is still partly used and partly lived in by descendant members of the old royal family and they have their private quarters but it is now mostly a museum which has preserved many artefacts which serve to convey the way of life of the old Maharajahs and Maharanis, which included Gayatri Devi.
In India, Egypt and Scotland she preserved images of the wealthy at play, the ostentations and elephants of the maharajahs - often blithely oblivious to the main attraction.
As he travels through the spectacular landscapes of tea country, arid plains and urban mayhem, Monty's quest leads him from the majestic tomb gardens of the Mughal emperors, to the "OTT" pleasure gardens of the Hindu Maharajahs and the quaintly nostalgic heritage of the British tea planters.
It had existed for more than a century as the private domain of maharajahs who maintained power by imprisoning the hereditary kings within the palace walls.
The British era then provided two-way benefits as Maharajahs and British officials scratched each other's backs.
We think of maharajahs or sultans in the last century collecting Silver Shadows.
The pic was funded principally by Indian maharajahs.
All they seem to stock now are huge leaves that should be fanning maharajahs, waxy blooms that look as though they could eat your flesh or spikes sharp enough to halt a rhinoceros in its tracks.
There were princes and kings and queens and potentates and maharajahs, the emperor of Japan and presidents.
Construction of this Palace Fort was started in 1592 by Raja Mansingh, the Rajput commander of Akbar's army and developed into a pleasure retreat to which Amber's maharajahs would return, battle-weary, from their campaign with the Mughal armies all over India.
Kumar returned to India in 1995 for a lavish wedding which lasted seven days and was attended by hundreds of guests including 11 Maharajahs.
The Maharajahs that Gidoomal refers to are those South Asians `who have achieved power wealth and influence' (p16).
With a clientele of celebrities, writers, artists, maharajahs and magnates Boucheron has always appealed to those who are as famous and fabulous as its jewelry.
During its early glory years the firm counted kings, queens and maharajahs among its clientele.
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