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Available in three varieties, you can choose from Magnolia Soulangeana (rose pink, pictured), Magnolia Susan (purple-red) or Magnolia Stellata (white).
Magnolia 'Daybreak' has pink flowers but the pink is quite different from most magnolias.
The wide-open flower shape evolved from the plant's requirement to be pollinated by beetles because magnolias pre-date the evolution of honey bees.
There are several different species of magnolias that are indigenous to Mississippi, but the state tree and probably the most familiar species of magnolia is Magnolia grandiflora.
This is the most widely grown of all Magnolias and few of us haven't fallen for its white and purple tinged blooms that go on well into May.
Now he likes to remember that the film adaptation of Magnolias was one of his mother's favorites.
Southern magnolias typically grow 60 to 80 feet tall, although the more majestic ones can stretch 90 or 100 feet.
Gossler says the hottest new magnolias are the rich yellows ('Butterflies' and 'Elizabeth') and the big-flowered hybrids out of New Zealand, such as 'Iolanthe' and 'Vulcan'.
If you were searching in a 100-acre area, you might cut 50 or 60 magnolias.
So maybe it was just an autumn breeze that freed this particular magnolia leaf to carve its final path through the air, land on a lake surface, then sink about 25 feet to the cold, mucky bottom.
Magnolias are among the oldest groups of flowering plants and have long been cultivated by mankind.
Magnolia stellata crossed with the closely related Magnolia kobus results in Magnolia X loebneri, all of which encompass a wide range of magnolias suited to small gardens, regardless of their soil pH.
CHOOSE THE PERFECT TREE: There are a number of magnolias whose reassuring evergreen presence and large, fragrant white flowers are enhanced by moderate growth and a mature height of around 20 feet.
Magnolias are probably the most striking, flowering shrubs in April and May.