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(Luke) the canticle of the Virgin Mary (from Luke 1:46 beginning 'Magnificat anima mea Dominum')

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All the settings provide four-voice (cantus, altus, tenor, bassus) polyphony for the even-numbered verses of the Magnificat with the odd-numbered verses to be supplied by plainchant, the same approach as another set of Magnificats on the eight Psalm tones composed by Forme.
De igual manera, "los ochos magnificats a cuatro voces que cierran este libro son, junto con los de Hernando Franco (1532-1585) los unicos juegos de magnificats que han sobrevivido .
Also the Rachmaninov Vespers, the Latin Magnificat by Stanford for Double Choir and a cycle of Bruckner Motets.
Nonetheless, the three composers wrote mainly in the same genres, including masses, Magnificats, motets, psalms and liturgical works, and a small amount of secular works.
Gallo set the eight most commonly prescribed psalms for feast-days, as well as a Magnificat, and a 'Domine ad adjuvandum' (including a rare setting of the words 'Laus tibi Domine', substituted for 'Alleluia' from Septuagesima to Easter).
Four appendices display detailed aspects of matters described in the central chapters, including an example of a modal plainsong formula as probably performed by Lasso's own choir; a catalogue of all his Magnificats, in approximate order of composition; a verbatim transcript (alas, untranslated) of a 1673 set of instructions for rites practiced in the Diocese of Freising, to which Munich belonged during Lasso's thirty-eight years as Kapellmeister there (1556-94); and outline analyses of thirty-five "imitation" Magnificats by Lasso, tracing specific passages of each to specific portions of their models.
The first book contains pairs of Magnificats for tones I, IV and VIII.
The Magnificat settings are arranged by mode in ascending order, the most straightforward of the orderings in the sources.
Lassus himself assigned tones to the thirteen imitation Magnificats published in 1587, and his son Rudolph did the same for the remainder in 1619.
Nevertheless, cyclic Magnificats, as exemplified by Palestrina and other Roman composers, serve as an appropriate point of departure for the broader investigation.
Yet here there is a welcome variety of text, language and style, ranging from the Magnificat per omnes versus super ut re mi fa sol la--published in Megalynodia Sionia of 1611, but thought by Blume to be much earlier--to Der CXVI.
1560-1627) places the response in the more normal initial position in the print, and his two Magnificats (in contrast to Gallo's one) both follow the entire series of psalms.
Until now the only edition available was an "elaboration" of the three Magnificats by Giuseppe Piccioli, with the continuo accompaniment realized for strings, clarinets, trombones, and organ (Tre Magnificat [dai "Vesperi"] per doppio coro e orchestra [Milan: Curci, 1960]).
Thanks to Rudolf Walter's elegant edition, we are now in a position to study and perform these Vesper psalms and Magnificats in the manner Fischer intended.
The latest entry in a long and praiseworthy catalog of recordings by Peter Phillips's Tallis Scholars is this compact disc, the first of two planned releases that will present the eight Magnificat settings of the underappreciated Flemish composer Nicolas Gombert (the second is planned for release in 2002).